Halloween Blue Moon Ritual

From a global pandemic, to the American elections and even the pentagon officially releasing 3 UFO videos, we can say it's been a strange year. Well, there's another thing we can add to the list of unexpected, A Blue Moon.. on Halloween!



This rare occasion happens roughly once every 19 years—a pattern known as the Metonic Cycle. For those who didn't know we've actually had two full moons this month. On Thursday 1st October we had the full moon known as the Aries Harvest Full Moon followed by the spooky Halloween full Hunter’s Moon on 31st. Fellow fiery Aries, during the 1st we were fired up with some serious energy more than usual.




Thankfully, the moon is shifting over to Taurus. With this fruitful sign being an earth sign, unlike the Aries Full Moon (Harvest Moon), you will feel more grounded and focused on the tasks ahead. In contrast, we will faced with the almighty surge of power from All Hallows Eve, the day where the realm between the living and the dead come as one. Allowing us to manifest bigger and better than we would have been able to before. 


Many people associate full moons with "All Hallows Eves" with the excitement of ghosts, ware wolfs, witches and all things mysterious and dark. However, this occurrence is quite the opposite of common. 


What is a Blue Moon?

Have you ever heard the term "Once in a Blue Moon"? The term is based on this very Blue Moon and dates back to 1821. The reason they call it a "Blue Moon" is not because the moon is actually blue, but because of its second reoccurrence in the same month. Nonetheless, the moon was once blue in 1983. According to NASA, The eruption of Mt. Krakatoa in Indonesia caused the moon to go blue due to the atmosphere being filled with dust or smoke particles.


What to do this Blue Moon?

Just like any other full moon, we're about to get our whole witch on. With it being on Halloween, Immense energy will come your way in any ritual you decide to perform! 


Check our Manifesting Guide to help get spooky this Full Moon. 

Love Roxy


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