How To Style Our Charms

As a young girl, I’ve always been drawn to beautiful things. Over the years, my interest in wearing beautiful items (in my eyes)  has manifested into an obsession. One of the reasons I created House of Roxy is because I wanted people to immerse themselves into a spiritual but chic world.

The act of putting each beautiful piece on for me is a ritual in itself. When I put each charm on not only am I looking at how gorgeous they are but how they make me feel. Some make me feel empowered and some make me feel protected.

A core value for us is to make things that can benefit the wearer.

For example, our crescent moon amulet is made out of diamonds, which is the purest stone and brings pure enlightenment. Whereas our spiral charm is made out of emerald and represents the journey of life.

Each piece has been hand made with love and intention for the wearer.



Just because they have meaning, doesn’t mean they can’t look cute! We style our charms with our lockets for more of a vintage look.

Protection Locket with Lily Diamond 30inch chain  - Goddess Star Charm with Roxy chain 18inch - Love Milgrain Locket with Lily Diamond 16inch chain

All our pieces are made from 18krt gold and precious stones with the option to buy them with our without a chain. If you decide to go with a chain, you can pick what length your chain to either layer them with other pieces or wear it on its own. 

Our jewellery is made from Sustainable Gold and Ethical Gems 


The Sun Disk Charm with the 16inch Roxy chain and Love Heart Charm on a hoop.

Wearing the Triskele and Spiral Charm on my neck with the 16inch Roxy chain and 18inch Roxy chain. On a large hoop is the Goddess Star Charm.


Other ways I wear the charms are on earrings. Either on a small hoop or a big hoop. I like mixing and matching different charms depending on my mood. My favourite combo is the Goddess Star and the Love Heart Charm

Crescent Moon Diamond Charm

Make it your own by layering the charms up with your own jewellery.

Show us how you style our Charms by posting a picture with #HouseofRoxyCharms

Can't wait to see!

Love Roxy xx



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