Cleanse + Protect Spray
Cleanse + Protect Spray
Cleanse + Protect Spray

Cleanse + Protect Spray

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This handmade blend is supercharged with moon and crystal energy. Every batch we make is charged under the Full Moon and infused with Clear Quartz, the ultimate cleansing crystal. Each mist is made with the intention of releasing negative energies and protecting your space. Imbued with sage and other magical herbs, an instant feeling of healing, wisdom, spiritual awareness and protection will float around your aura and space. This is the perfect smudge tool for people who DON'T like smoke!


  • Cleanses space and aura 
  • Removes negative energy 
  • Safe and easy to use

How to use

Shake well and spritz 3-6 times around you or in the space you want cleansed.
Tip: This is great for travelling! Spray around your hotel room or rental to bring in calming energy.