What does “healing” mean? For me, healing has become an incredibly important part of my life. To heal is to become be comfortable in your skin, to not worry what people think, to restore peace and find balance. For me, I was (and still am) healing from extreme anxiety: overwhelming emotions and pain which drove me into a place of darkness. Anxiety had become dominant in my life...The anxiety I experienced was something that felt so isolating and terrifying, keeping me trapped in an endless cycle which at the time seemed impossible to escape. My anxiety took over me, causing me to completely lose a sense of who I was and my purpose, something I'm sure I'm not alone in. 

I am certainly not free from my anxiety and continue to experience periods of panic and heightened emotions, but through time and work dedicated to healing myself, I picked up these positive ways which made every day a little better. The number one rule that was the thorniest to come over was letting go of the past and learning to face and accept the challenges in front of me. So, here are 5 things that helped me to heal.


  1. Let go of that which does not serve me

Learning to let go of the experiences and feelings which caused my anxiety was the most important tool which gave me space to heal. Understanding that the past is merely the past and to move forward I had to let it go. We cant make room for our manifestations until we learn to let go! Once I let go of the fear that was holding me back, I thought to myself.. why on earth did I not do this sooner! The limitations we give ourselves tend to be our worst enemy. 


Journaling and Affirmations

I began to journal and used daily positive affirmations to try and shift my mindset. Did you know 80% of our thoughts are negative? And over 90% of our thoughts are repetitive thoughts? After seeing all the hype about journaling and affirmations I tried it and funnily enough, it worked! 

I was attracting good vibes and energy and most importantly, shifting the narrative of my story. We write our own stories. You can change yours WHENEVER you want. 

Magic Tool Box

I used crystals to help me bring healing energy my way. My ultimate favourite is the rose quartz crystal which prevents negativity; helps stress relief; enhances relationships and stops nightmares. 


2. Listen to my body

I tuned into how I truly felt, allowing me to understand what my body needed. For some reason, we tend to push ourselves to the limit. Sometimes we just need a time out! Whether it was to rest, needing to connect with a friend or simply be in my own space. It can be so easy to overlook and ignore how we truly feel as it can feel challenging and uncomfortable, but the more we learn to sit with uncomfortable feelings, the more we can grow emotionally and spiritually.



In listening to my body, I was forced to tap into my intuition and learn to access my higher self. I understood that nothing is more important than me, sometimes being selfish is necessary. 

Watch how you can access your higher self by raising your vibration here


3. Daily movement

Finding space and time to move helped me channel my anxiety. I found movements like yoga, walking and even simple 3-minute meditations extremely beneficial in managing overwhelming emotions. Yoga has helped me to feel grounded and at peace with myself, using breath and movement in harmony with one another. 



I always begin my practice with a cleansing ritual where I light one of my White Spell Candles and cleanse my space with my Cleanse & Protect Mist I set my intentions for my manifestations with the candle and express gratitude for allowing my body to move and in turn helping my anxiety. There is such a beauty in being able to tune into my breath and being able to move into a sequence of postures.



Walking has also become an essential part of my daily routine. I always begin my morning with a walk outside which helps me to feel connected and grounded to nature and at one with my mind, body and spirit.

I also love to practice pilates or take a boxing class when I feel like my body is craving a more intense form of movement! Do whatever is best for you. There is never a right or wrong, just a yes or NO! 


4. Establish a routine

Finding a routine has become the most crucial thing to help me heal. I am someone who thrives off a routine and believes in the power of habits, really using them to keep me on track as well as holding me accountable for my emotions and actions.



Creating a routine for yourself enables you to create consistency and rhythm each day. I have found that giving myself a routine also gives me purpose.

I make sure that I allow myself time for a walk each morning, grabbing a matcha and putting on a podcast. One of my favourite podcasts to listen to is the Goop podcast. They have great episodes which explore mental and physical health.

Additionally, Journalling how I feel when I wake up and creating my to-do list is super cathartic for me. For more tips on that read our January Reset here.

I love to burn Sage or Sacred Love Incense Kit to attract all the good vibes! These seem like such simple things but they have truly made the biggest difference.


5. Meditate

This leads me on to the final point which is meditation. I constantly used to think meditation was a complete waste of time: how could breathing help me feel connected to my mind, body and soul?


By tuning into my breath and noticing the rising and falling, inhalations and exhalations, I was capable to feel more grounded and far less anxious. The breath is such a powerful tool and linked so closely to our parasympathetic nervous system. Psychologists have found that breathing practice is effective in fighting anxiety, depression, and stress. Physiological evidence has indicated when we focus on slowing down our breath our heart rate and blood pressure decrease, making our bodies feel safe and in a deep state of relaxation. Through breathing, we are also promoting healthy and improved digestion which in the long term has significant benefits linked to overall health.

So much of meditating is about the breath and working in melody with each inhalation and exhalation to make us feel grounded and send signals to our body that we are in a safe state.


My favourite way to meditate is to have calming music and surround myself with my selenite bowl full of my crystals which nourish me with peace and enhance my spiritual energy. Fun Fact: selenite cleanses and charges other crystals!


I have truly found these 5 simple things so helpful in decreasing my anxiety and healing myself from the inside out. I still suffer from anxiety and I have learned to accept that its ok. Nobody is perfect and just because I’m experiencing anxiety it doesn’t mean I am any less of a person. I have learnt to recognise these feelings and emotions and understand that although I might not be able to control the emotion or thought, I can control how I react to it. If you are ever struggling, just know you are not alone and that, like me, you can begin to feel happier and grounded in your mind, body and soul. Remember these feelings will pass. 



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