All I see on my social feed these days are "how I healed my gut" without them spilling the gut TEA! I'm here to SPILL the tea. Throughout my life, I have struggled with weight issues and severe bloating from food intolerances I didn't know I had. For years, I normalised bloating because I assumed that's just what happened after you ate. The number one cause of any illness or bloating is inflammation and, if not dealt with, can cause long-term side effects and auto-immune diseases. 
Fortunately, my upbringing (my parent's background is nutrition and homoeopathy) gave me an advantage which I can share with all of you. My mother advocated the importance of what we put in our bodies and skin. As a child, I would stomp around school preaching to all my friends not to use their shampoo because it was toxic. Little did I know this would become a standard practice for me. 


Simple changes in my diet like reducing my animal intake and adding more nutrient-dense ingredients went a long way. This led me to develop my range of organic + vegan superfood powders. I wanted to make an easy and delicious way to add these adaptogens without faff or mess. 


These are 6 things that helped me heal my gut


  1. Make Plants The Base of Your Diet 

The change I saw in my body and energy when I stopped eating chicken and red meat was life-changing. I'm not saying this will work for everyone, this is what worked for me. I still eat eggs and fish and occasionally lamb as I've trialled that my gut is okay with it. They are a lean source of protein as well as easy to digest.

Tip: Eat the rainbow! Try to eat an array of different coloured vegetables to get a diverse range of vitamins and minerals. The colour of the food is what body part it can help, eg: red foods are excellent for blood as they are high in antioxidants!

2. Lemon Water 

This is a MUST for gut health! My go-to in the mornings is a matcha latte and lemon water. Not only does this keep your body alkaline (which helps lower inflammation), but the acid in lemon helps break down food. I know it sounds contradicting adding acid to make your body less acidic; However, lemons possess phytonutrients, which protect your body against disease. These phytonutrients have potent antioxidant effects, which prevent cell damage from oxidation and in turn, lower inflammation!

3. Remembering Your Body Changes Due to Hormones and Water Retention

A daily reminder that shifted my mindset completely. Our bodies (especially females) are complex and change during our menstrual cycle. I always know that a week before my period, I get extreme water retention ( added 2kgs in water), lower energy, mood swings and cravings. Rather than punishing my body (like I used to), I make a mental note of this and plan around it. Honour your body and its needs!

Any time I feel bloated, I reduce my salt intake - as salt increases water retention, take LOTS of magnesium, drink hot peppermint tea and take any (social) time-outs needed. If you get similar symptoms to me, this is great to do that week before you are due.


4. Cutting out Artificial Sweeteners and Processed foods.

When I started my wellness journey, I was encouraged to use protein powders and different "low calorie" options to help keep me on track; I had to learn the hard way that these are NOT good for your health and digestion. Products that the fitness industry promotes use a cocktail of artificial sweeteners, thickeners and flavours to mimic the taste of treats and desserts. For something that is meant to be "healthy", it's not good for your gut in the long run.

Tip: always check if a product has "xanthan gum" or any artificial additives - that's a big no-no for the gut. My favourite protein powder that is gut friendly is Clean Pea Protein. 


 5. Eat Foods High in Amino Acids, Antioxidants and Vitamins 

Try adding nutrient-dense foods. Anything high in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins will lead you to the path of a healed gut. Amino acids are found in food such as quinoa, eggs, fish, meat, legumes and beans. Just incorporating one of these food groups (whichever fits your dietary requirements) is enough of a source to improve liver function, reduce muscle breakdown and increase performance. Antioxidants provide the benefits of protecting your cells from free radicals.

If your body is outnumbered by these free radicals, it can lead to a state of oxidative stress. This means putting your body under unnecessary stress and prolonged enough, it can cause harm to your DNA and other significant molecules in your body! 


6. Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

Healing always starts from within. Our brain and gut are intertwined; our emotions can affect our bodies, especially our gut and skin. A person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. Prioritise your self-care and do things that make feel zen. Here are things I like to do to reduce stress. Additionally, using herbs to help calm those overwhelming feelings - like Holy Basil or Valerian. We use holy basil in our Shroom Mood Latte blend. It reduces cortisol levels which can spike by stress or overstimulated adrenal glands. 



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