Full Moon in Capricorn

Tomorrow's full moon is the first full moon after the summer solstice, the turning point of the year to new beginnings. It's calling you to find structure and restore your focus. It's here to jolt the bases of your life. It brings the saying ‘make or break’ to reality. Anything from your relationships, career, pleasure, aspirations or values. If they are true and right for you then they will stick, but if they aren’t meant to be or serve you in your journey- then they will pulverise under this moon. 


This is the perfect chance to get your intentions and desires clear. Ask yourself, what do you want? If you're unsure, start by writing a list of things that you don't want. Capricorns are all about systems and long-term plans. So a list is the best way to get your thoughts organised. This will also be easy as the Capricorn energy can make us a little more likely to complain. 


The first rule of manifesting or setting intentions is to let go of what no longer serves us. It’s hard to fight the urge to hold on to ideas or things we thought were right for us (but actually aren’t) You can only move into your greatness once you learn to let go. By holding on, you are only stopping yourself from becoming what you are meant to be. 


This moon can be a major stepping stone to achieving your biggest goals, it gives the opportunity to bring these goals to life with planning, organisation and structure. This is always easier said than done, sometimes our dreams can feel so far away and unattainable. You are your biggest enemy, who said you couldn’t achieve it? Removing fear and any self-imposed limitations, you are one step closer to your future. Capricorns aren’t good at dealing with emotion, luckily this will help you get more practical with your planning and remove any fears or judgement around you. However, a surge of emotions from dealing with letting go of old ideas or habits may be tough to overcome. You will feel overwhelmed, but the beneficial energy of Capricorn will help you make sense of it and propel you to your path. The procrastinating is over, the moon energy is here to help you start all the things you’ve been putting off. Whether that be starting your dream business, writing that article or that admin you’ve needed to do. 


Tasks to do this Full Moon:


  • Get all your emotions out. During your manifesting ritual, journal what emotions are coming up for you during this time. What do you feel? What steps do you need to take to move forward?
  • Get organised! The organised energy of Capricorn will be running high during this time. You may feel urges to get your life together. This could be cleaning out your wardrobe, office or even your admin. This is a great physical way to let go of things that you don’t need! 


  • Be aware of your fears. Be aware and notice your fears, especially towards your goals and ambitions. This moon is bringing the potential for huge success! Be cautious of the feeling of pessimism - let those limiting beliefs go! Let go of perfectionism. A classic Capricorn move is to wait for the ‘ideal time’. This doesn’t exist! Just get on with it and avoid self-sabotaging tactics. 


  • Don’t overwork yourself. We don't need any burnouts. Take your time, and push yourself but not to the point of putting yourself off and procrastinating. 

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