This Sagittarius moon is bringing freedom and clarity your way - bringing a new perspective on life, especially if you're feeling trapped or lost. Saggitarius is the fire sign of adventure and optimism. It's shining a light on any unresolved issues around control, authority and giving your power away. You can achieve ANYTHING under this new energy, sags don't like the word 'can't'. This moon is a push to tell you that YOU CAN! Lean into what scares you, discovering these truths will set you free. This Full Moon calls you to acknowledge where you are right now and where you want to be. It's drawing back the hunter's bow and releasing the arrow of intention, goals and passions. Arrows of endless possibilities and connections are darting your way - you are being fully supported towards new beginnings this moon.

Jupiter - The Kings of God, Rules Sagittarius

The planet of purpose and possibility wants to you use this energy to speak your truth and expand your horizons. Go to the edge of your comfort zone and harness this adventurous energy.

Jupiter connects with the crown chakra, connecting you to higher consciousness, higher frequency and broadening your vision into seeing a clearer picture. Each chakra connects with a different planet. Take time to raise your frequency, easy ways to do so are here.

Favourite Magic Toolbox items I like to use during this time:

  • Energy Cleansing Tools - to keep my space and aura protected
  • Eating whole and balanced foods packed with nutrients - easy way I do this is with my superfood powders
  • Amethyst Crystal Queen - Keep amethyst around you during this time to help set your goals and to protect your energy. 


This is the last full moon before the summer solstice, leading you to tie up any loose ends from the first half of the traditional year. A recurring theme that will surface is freedom. A spotlight will be directed to all the confines you; anywhere you feel controlled. Either that is not speaking your truth in your relationships, not being happy at work or just not doing what you love. The sun is in Gemini right now, so hints of Gemini energy are peeping through the cracks. Things like finding wisdom and truth, questioning life choices and changes and pushing yourself to make that change will emerge. The Gemini energy will help you find that voice you're looking for.

Intentions to set this Full Moon

Release what's holding you back

If you have our Full Moon Manifesting Kit, during the letting go step, use this time to write down 3 things that hold you down. On a separate piece of normal paper (you will keep this list) write down the solutions to release that bind. For example, say no to that dinner plan with your friends after work and just take that time to soak in a bath and relax. Any time you feel overwhelmed, bring yourself back to that list and remember how easy it is to resolve that feeling.

Tie up loose ends

Break the chain of old habits that are not serving you purpose. Notice where you tend to stay stuck and what makes you behave like this. Use this energy of the moon to complete or finish things on your list to make room for new beginnings.

Set your intentions for your dream summer

Sagittarius is all about adventure and spontaneity, use this bold energy to plan some larks of your own and let go of anything holding you back from achieving that.


Key things to watch for:

  • Try to let go of ideas or control, feeling restricted can result in boredom, restlessness and all-rounded low vibration, this can end up doing more harm than good. 
  • Don't pretend like everything is okay. This could be a defence mechanism to avoid seeing the truth! 
  • Plan your freedom - any action needs a plan. Take time to plan how you will achieve freedom, even if it's little steps. Little steps always lead to big ones.


Happy Full Moon! Love Roxy xx

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