Manifesting 101

Today is Manifest Monday! Where you will find everything you need to know about manifesting.

Manifesting is an intention to create events or things to happen in your life. Each and every one of us has the ability to manifest our desires. People often manifest wealth, health, love, peacefulness. We also manifest our nightmares. If you constantly think about what you don’t want to have happen, that is exactly what you will manifest.

Whether we mean to or not, we seem to manifest almost everything.  With practice, you can learn how to properly manifest your dreams. 

More than ever, mental health is really important. I find that manifesting helps me maintain good thoughts and energy. By manifesting, you think of what will happen and what you want to happen. Clearing your mind from negative thoughts and staying focused on what you really want. In a way, manifesting is a way to build faith in your self. To believe in your self. 


Step 1: Maintain Good Energy and High Vibrations

The first thing to do when wanting to manifest is making sure the space around you physically and mentally is good for you. That means surrounding your self with good people, joyful environments and giving out what you want to receive.

A task you can do every day to work towards this is taking the time to do something thats just for you. Whether it be only 10 minutes or an hour. My favourite me time activity is doing an intense work out followed by a bubble bath. I always clear my energy with my bath oils. Infused with rose quartz and organic ingredients, it's perfect for a self love ritual. 

If i don't have time for that a quick 15 minute meditation makes me feel really relaxed too.  

I find Smudging helps maintain high vibrations too. Every time I light the smudge stick, I say a little thank you to universe for my day, followed by cleansing my space, Here are my favourite smudging tools.

Step 2: Believe in your Self!

Once you've cleansed your space your'e ready to get mentally prepared. The most important part of manifesting is believing that you can make these dreams into a reality! 


To help you gain confidence in your self, visualisations is great way to picture your self doing the things you want. The more you visualise the more you'll believe. 


Source: @SpirtualDaughters

Step 3: Game Plan

It's hard to set your self goals without a game plan. Set your self realistic goals both long term and short term. Write them down. Re-read it. Tell all your friends, even strangers. The more you put it into the universe the more you will achieve. Manifesting is all about working with the law of attraction. You bring what you want to receive.

Once you have the game plan, all you need is to act on it! Take one step at a time, but slowly things will start to magically happen. A tip on helping you take action is writing daily in a gratitude journal. By writing down a check list and checking off each item when its happened, it makes me feel accomplished and that i'm actually working towards my goals.

Don't be afraid if you hit set backs, it's important to trust the process. Whenever you see a shadow of doubt, keep telling your self "Trust the universe, they got my back". 


Step 4: Be mindful about what you receive

Sometimes we miss what the universe is trying to say to us, especially if the signs come in weird and unexpected ways. Be open minded to the signs that the universe may try to give. The more you acknowledge, the more you will see.

Make sure to stay clear of resisting your manifestations. Road blocks will come your way. Things like doubts, pain, procrastination, anxiety, fears, regrets and resentments are all types of resistance. It will be as if you are battling against your self so it's vital to armour up. 

Tasks like affirmations, meditation and doing activities that make you happy can help reduce the risk of resistance. It goes all the way back to our first step. You have to believe in your self! Don't fight the resistance, embrace it. Feel your self and let your self know that its okay to not be strong all the time. Take each day at a time. 

Step 5: Give thanks to the universe

Because you and the universe are co-creating together, it's essential that we give thanks back for all the help they give. 

Even it's just staying thank you in that moment or taking part in a moon ritual, every little thing counts. 

My personal favourite way to give thanks are moon rituals. This involves a ceremony where your'e giving back to mother earth with offerings in exchange for your manifestations. This easy guide helped me navigate my way round a ceremony. This isn't a daily ritual as it can only happen during a full moon. 

Source: @SpirtualDaughters


One of my favourite tools for manifesting is our most recent magikal creation, manifestation ring

Made with the intent to help you manifest. With its powerful gems, and blessed by shamanic powers. This ring will help you over come anything. When worn, feel its energy in your fingertips, making you able to achieve any of your dreams.  

The gem stones used are rubies and emeralds which have immense power and properties.

Rubies have always been the talisman of passion, self-confidence and motivation. The power of this ring will help you manifest love and self-love.

The emerald stone is used in manifestation ceremonies with its properties bringing luck, prosperity, health and abundance.

This manifestation ring is my new go to tool to help me through my day. Not only that but it's also super chic and stylish! 

Show me your manifesting affirmations with #ManifestMondayHOR

Love Roxy xx 


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