Pisces Full Moon coming in hot on September 10th is kicking off one day after the beginning of Mercury Retrograde. Feel in touch with your intuition and deeper emotions. You may be more emotional than usual over the last week. Don't fight these emotions; instead, embrace true healing. By letting this healing power in,  it will support you to face your fears. A flow of deep wisdom, personal growth, awakenings and solutions are incoming.
As the expression goes, having "pieces of you chipped away" by emotional hurt is playing majorly on this moon. Those parts that you gave to people who were not worthy of them. Feel all those components return to you with understanding. The water sign will bring soothing energy, helping renew your energy, aura and emotions. 
Pisces is the gatekeeper of imagination and dreams. Harness this power to your advantage. This will be the number 1 device in your Full Moon toolbox. Utilize it to help facilitate your manifestations, sit down and daydream what you truly desire - without fear or shame to stop you from having them.

By romanticising your life, you can make what you deem to be perfect into a reality. As dreamy as it is, be conscious of unrealistic goals. Your daydreaming has to be rooted in something real. As seen in the depiction of Pisces, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, one higher (spiritual realm) and one lower (reality) - Pisces can get bound up in the spiritual realms leaving all facts behind.
Manifesting is a team effort with you and the universe - one can't work without the other. Be mindful of the signs you might receive and employ them to your benefit.  Take initiative with your dreams, and employ the gift of heightened visualization to convey what you wish. Having this mystical sign hovering around can conjure your inner psychic abilities to help fulfil your manifestations. 
This Full Moon calls you to accept endings to welcome new beginnings. Let the flow of life take you where you need to go without fear or doubt. Pisces' ruling planet, Neptune, adds an extra breath of idealistic and imaginative qualities. Trust the process, only you know deep down what works for you, what you need to do and what you need to let go of - follow your intuition.

You will feel challenged and old in-depth emotions may arise. The urge to hide away or make a change will be hanging over your head. By being stuck in the past, how can you move to your future? Let go of fear, blame and shame and allow forgiveness to run through you. Discover harmony with those you have wronged you to guide you to inner peace. This is the last full moon before the autumn season, use this to shine on all that has happened over the summer solstice, all the lessons you have learned and the challenges you have faced.
The sun in Virgo will arrive as a helping hand as Virgo energy brings grounding, organisation, practicality and self-reflection; permitting you to close all old chapters in your book. A powerful combination of Pisces intuition/ deep emotions with grounding energy will assist you to have a deeper knowledge of your emotions. 


Use this full moon to...


  • Setting Boundaries - Stop clinging to old relationships or feelings that don't serve you purpose. Avoid letting people's opinions affect you - you will be extra sensitive so be mindful of not getting too worked up about things you cannot control. 
  • Use the power of Pisces to enhance your psychic energy and intuition. This will help cultivate your manifestations 
  • Trust the flow of life and the journey you're on, even if that means the end of something. Allowing new possibilities to come your way. 
  • Let go of anything that you're still holding on to from the summer season. Move into the next season with a clean slate. 
  • Forgive those around you and most importantly yourself. Stop carrying a burden of pain but rather look forward to having a weight lifted off you by letting it go. 
  • Don't fight your emotions. Pushing anything down is always a quick solution, but as we all know they eventually resurface with a huge bang. Let the healing moon help. 
  • Use tools or crystals to your advantage, whether it be physical or mental.



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