What is Smudging?

What is Smudging?

When you hear the word smudging, most people think that it implicates something that is messily smeared by rubbing it. However, for the Native Americans, this involved the burning of sacred herbs or resins in a ceremonial aspect. 

Over thousands of years, smudging has been used to spiritually cleanse the energy and the space around you. The most common herb to burn is sage. Sage not only diminishes negative energy but also acts as an anti-bacterial purifier for the air. There are other sacred herbs such as mugwort- a psychic lunar herb that is very protective and cedar revered as the tree of life in many traditions. Cedar wards off negative energy and can be used to call upon the good spirits.

Our trio mini smudge set combines the powers of sage, mugwort and cedar to ward off the bad energy and cleanse your aura to enhance your natural power. 

Mini Smudge Set:

How to Smudge

Light smudge stick of choice until it catches on fire. Blow the fire out and watch the smoke billow from the stick. Once the stick is smoking, wander around your home to let the herbs absorb the negative energy around you. Don't miss any spots and concentrate on places you feel are needed. Have a bowl or my personal favourite, a shell to catch any ashes that may disperse from it. 



Benefits of Smudging

1. Purifies your air and repels insects.

2. Commonly relieves allergy symptoms against pollution, dust and pet dander.

3. Destroys negative energy.

4. Cleanses or empowers specific objects (that's right! you can cleanse specific items that may have negative energy attached to it!)

5. It may improve your mood :)

6. Anxiety, stress reliever and cognitive booster - Research at the University of Mississippi in 2016 found that white sage has certain activate receptors in the brain and these receptors are responsible for heightening mood levels, reducing stress, and even assuage your pain.

7. Help improve insomnia and quality sleep. 

Our other Smudging Options

Desert Sage Stick

3 Kings Smudge Stick Incense




Palo Santo Stick

This sacred wood is ritually used as incense for cleansing and protection the space around you.

Now get smudging!


Love Roxy  



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