Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set
Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set

Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set

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Collection of 4 crystal tumble stones curated and carefully picked for the sign Pisces alongside a booklet explaining each stone.

Inside you'll find:

    • Aquamarine - This stone brings calming energy and courage around you. It allows you to see things from a non-judgmental perspective and helps you overcome obstacles you may be facing. 
    • Green Fluorite - Rejuvenates and Cleanses your aura. Aids cellular healing and can help break patterns and addictions.
    • Jade - A stabilising stone known for bringing wisdom and balance. It reduces stress, fear and diminishes negative thoughts.
    • Blue Howlite - The perfect stone to cure insomnia. It makes the environment peaceful (place next to bed or under the pillow for best results). It encourages confidence and is great for bones, neck, spine and teeth. This stone increases your energy levels and aid you to finish all your tasks and achieve your goals. A great stone for bringing blessings and peace into your life.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and form.


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