Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set
Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set

Pisces Crystal Tumble-stone Set

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Collection of 4 crystal tumble stones curated and carefully picked for the sign Pisces alongside a booklet explaining each stone.

Inside you'll find:

    • Aquamarine - This stone brings calming energy and courage around you. It allows you to see things from a non-judgmental perspective and helps you overcome obstacles you may be facing. 
    • Green Fluorite - Rejuvenates and Cleanses your aura. Can help break patterns and addictions.
    • Jade - A stabilising stone known for bringing wisdom and balance. It reduces stress, fear and diminishes negative thoughts.
    • Blue Howlite - The perfect stone to get a goods night sleep. It makes the environment peaceful (place next to bed or under the pillow for best results). It encourages confidence, increases your energy levels and motivation. A great stone for bringing blessings and peace into your life.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and form.